Perfectly suited to your requirements

Our special InteriorPaint makes it easy to design all types of injection molded parts in a range of trendy colors for small volume and mass-produced vehicles as well as concept cars. InteriorPaint is easy to use and meets lightfast and color intensity requirements.

It can turn components such as an instrument panel fascia into an emotion defining feature. InteriorPaint is also ideal for touching up minor imperfe tions that can occur during the processing and vehicle delivery phases.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Post-process coloring of injection molded parts
  • Cost efficient, fast repair of blemishes from component handling, assembly, and vehicle distribution processes
  • Marked reduction in reject rate
  • Easy to apply spray and brush solutions
  • Applicable to a variety of decorative surface types
  • Economical container sizes

Safety data sheets:

InteriorPaint Automobile Interior Color – sprayable
(PDF | EN | 393 KB)

InteriorPaint Automobile Interior Color – sprayable/spreadable
(PDF | EN | 382 KB)